Thursday, 30 August 2012

Spring Cotton

Just finished of the Stegosaurus birthday cake for Little B's birthday party tomorrow - phew! I am quite obviously never going to be a cake decorator...there was chocolate icing everywhere, on every surface of the kitchen. This stegosaur is toothless with blue eyes, well manicured white toenails and is well-endowed in all sorts of chocolate spikes and armour. It was quite a battle to get this all to stick together and it still looks a bit like an eight year old's science project but with luck, it will be right up Little B's alley!

In view of the upcoming party and a very busy week all round, very little knitting has occurred. I'm continuing the little scrap of lace but dreaming wildly about the lovely new random-dyed cotton I picked up from Jalbrook Alpaca Knitwear Store in Balingup last weekend. I love these spring colours so different from the colours I've been wearing for the last few months. What I do with it is another story but perhaps it might include butterflies, flowers and other creepy crawlies!

 I also got given a beautiful ball of greyish brown possum/merino wool and am wondering what special little something I could make with exciting!

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