Sunday, 19 August 2012

Spring is in the Air

Spring seems to be hitting a little earlier than usual this year in our part of the world. The balmy weather is inspiring all sorts of spring activities in this household - a bit of spring cleaning and the construction of future fun activities.

1) I actually tidied our office nook! My lovely husband was particularly chuffed at this - a very unusual thing to happen. While I am generally tidy around the house, my desk is very much the depository for all things happening at any moment in time and it is a bit of an archeological dig to find anything. I've taken inspiration from Attic24's blog and Pauline's beautiful, colourful house to have a little bit of colourful yarn on my desk - the next few items on the go perhaps? Notice the big white space - wow!

2) A tree house is being built in the backyard by my lovely husband and his best mate. It was a real adventure for my lovely husband, his best mate and the boys. Both Big B and Little B have been coming up with designs to inspire the workers! Still a little bit more to go but mostly there!

3) This one isn't so surprising - we're getting ready for the Balingup Medieval Carnivale held on Saturday 24th August. We still need to sort out the costumes for the boys and as part of it, I'm making these knightly mittens for Big B. They're a modification of the Poky Hedgehog Mittens - upsizing them and putting in an intarsia emblem - to imitate a gauntlet with heraldic emblem. I'm not entirely convinced by them but I think they will do the job.

Don't forget to enter into the Owl Earflap Beanie Giveaway Competition - either through the A Passionate Yarn facebook page or just leave a comment on my previous post, Owl Beanie Giveaway. The competition is open until 8.30pm (Western Australian time) Wednesday 22nd August.

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