Saturday, 4 August 2012

Yarn Giveaway Competition

My journey with knitting is inextricably linked with the journey of my youngest little boy who will turn four at the end of the month. Due to some complications with the pregnancy, I found myself on bed rest for and taught myself how to knit with the Inca Patons 'How to Knit' book and a running start from my mum in doing a knitted-on cast on. That was literally about four years ago now! Like my little boy who is growing into an independent, smart, chatty and funny little person, my knitting has grown from a little hobby to pass the time to a passion that has brought a more creative, relaxed and connected dimension to my life.

To celebrate this milestone, I am giving away two beautiful skeins of special yarn as part of a little competition on my facebook page. The first skein (120 grams) is a beautiful part merino, part silk handspun, hand-dyed dark blue and black 12 ply yarn from Bilby Yarns. This is a pure luxury yarn and is ultra soft. I have been a big fan of this handspun. It is quite similar (in a different colour) to the one I used for my husband's Nightcap Beanie.

The second skein I am giving away is also from Bilby Yarns. It is a beautiful chocolate brown 8 ply wool (250g), which is not dyed but is the naturally occurring colour from the Melanian sheep it comes from. This is a very natural wool and is soft for a 100% hand-washable pure wool. This yarn was the first non-commercial yarn I lusted after and finally succumbed to a number of skeins!

It is with this type of yarn that I also tried to make my first ball from a skein. It was a very funny experience for my husband and kids - not so much for me! You see, I didn't think the mechanics of ball-winding through and just laid the skein out on my bed and attempted to then wind the wool on my hand. Needless to say, it turned into the most colossal bundle of knots, which took me about 5 hours to detangle! Sufficient to say that I loved the yarn so much that even after this monster struggle,  I still went on to make a beautiful vest for my youngest, which he very happily wore. (For the winner of this yarn - I'm very happy to wind it for you before sending it on!)


The competition is very simple - go to the A Passionate Yarn facebook page, click 'like' on the photo album and leave a comment detailing what motivated you to start knitting/crocheting. If you are a non-knitter/non-crocheter but would still like to enter, please comment on what your motivation is for wanting to learn to knit or crochet. I will choose two winners from the comments based on a random number generator - one will receive the blue handspun skein and the other the chocolate brown melanian wool.. The competition starts from today Sunday 5 August 2012 and will run until 7.30pm Perth time on Wednesday 8th August 2012. The winners will be announced on Facebook and will be contacted for more details.

Good luck to you all!

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