Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Splash of Yellow

To reduce my stocks of yarn and let my imagination run riot, I'll be working on a series of cardigans and beanies over the coming weeks. These will be offered up for sale on the A Passionate Yarn website and may even feature in a giveaway!

The first in the series will be in a lovely yellow cotton (Bendigo Woollen Mills Soft Cotton in Daffodil), which is such a perfect reminder of what spring should really look like. As I am writing this, wind and rain are battering the house and it is distinctly chilly. Both heaters in the house are working overtime!

This cardigan is meant for a little girl and is inspired by my garden. One of its features will be a tiny, little butterfly made in the beautiful Jalbrook Alpaca random-dyed cotton. I'm going to include a few other little features too. More clues next time!

Don't forget to check out my Spring 20% off sale on the very cute Monkey Hats and Rose Beanies in the knitwear store! There is a link in the upper right hand corner of the blog - look under Children's Hats and then select the size you would like to see.

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