Sunday, 16 September 2012

Balingup in Spring

Just back from a weekend away in beautiful Balingup celebrating both my parents' birthdays. We all had a brilliant time and both the boys wore themselves out so much that they were fast asleep in the car within the first ten minutes of our drive home! We ate lots of wonderful French food, had a few good glasses of wine and soaked in the lovely spring weather. Incidentally, Little B has started equating French food to tasty food and had as all laughing when he commented on his own combination of whipped cream and Mum's orange cream as "tasting just like French's delicious".

We climbed up the hills soaking up the lovely peach and plum blossoms around us.

We also encountered a lonesome but very impressive 'mountain sheep'!
I even found time to finish my little blue Spring Cotton cardigan - a take on the Keira Cardigan with a little ruffle and different stitches. I've just got to block it, weave in the ends, put on a button and add a little butterfly to make a really cute but practical summer cardigan. The Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton is about as hardy as they get and as it has a little lycra in it, it springs back better into shape.
Now, I'm running against the clock to finish off another pair of hedgehog mittens before I leave for Sydney for a friend's little boy....I'll let you know if I make the deadline!

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