Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bendigo Wool Bounty

I finally made it to Bendigo and it has been a great place to investigate....I stayed at the beautiful Bishop's Court B&B which is amazing - I'd always wanted to sleep in a four poster bed and be in wool country!

The Unleaving scarf got finished in no time and while it took a while to get photographed (It was never showing its most beautiful face) - here it is....(It will look better blocked and in proper lighting). I've decided it will be perfect as a thank you gift for Big B's teacher at the end of the year.

I also finally got to visit the Bendigo Woollen Mills and I wasn't disappointed. It was quite a walk from the B&B but entirely worth it. I have bought loads ....which, ahem, won't fit in my suitcase so will be posted home. Of course, this was all very justified....non of this is available online so it was my only chance (says she pleadingly :-)!). There was a gorgeous bamboo/wool blend in beautiful bright colours and some lovely thicker yarns for the boys. There was also a lovely pink remnant of Bliss.

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