Sunday, 9 September 2012

Flowers Everywhere

Lots of wonderful things happening this weekend - Big B's school sports day and the boy's first trip to the circus! It was action-packed to say the least and with this beautiful spring weather, it was a joy to be out and about. Tonight, I'm absolutely dead tired so just a short one from me.

I've been as always inspired by our garden to try my hand at butterflies and leaves for my little yellow cardigan. It has been great fun - not as tricky as it seems. I'm very much looking forward to putting everything together for the cardigan. The photo below is a little washed out here but the colour looks a lot better in person and should show up well on the yellow of the cardigan.

It can't compete however with the beauty of the flowers out at the moment in the garden (purely mother nature - no interference from us!). Here are a few I captured, including our poor bougainvillea that suffered with the storm a couple of months ago. The orange blossons are out and they smell divine!

The boys and I also played a bit of a treasure hunt in the garden (which allowed me also to have a little knitting time in the sun - most enjoyable) and this was their haul. It was so picturesque that I had to capture it on camera.

I have started another little cotton cardigan also as part of my stash reduction aim - a little blue spring cotton cardigan....very early stages but am quite excited about it.

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