Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Patience Required

For the last week and a half I have been working an extra day a week to cover my boss' leave and while that doesn't sound like much, it is affecting the amount of time spent knitting and working on A Passionate Yarn. Of course, being the organised person that I am, I had factored that in, put up a couple of plans and told myself that I was setting myself a manageable list of tasks. I told myself that I wouldn't stress about it and just do what I could - thinking I would still be able to get some things done.

And I have done a few things including the yellow cardigan and now starting on this blue cotton cardigan in a size four (Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton in Spring Lily). I've also experimented with butterflies and leaves and looked up how to make flowers, etc.

However, my list was slightly longer....... I think I failed to factor in a couple of things. the amount you achieve is proportionate to the amount of  a)sleep occurring in the household (5am wake ups are not helpful), b) amount of extracurricular activities undertaken by the kids, c) how much time my lovely husband is around (he was away for a boys weekend) and d) how much destressing is required at the end of each day. You would think I would know this by now having done this numerous times before but it never ceases to surprise me :-). Having said this, I haven't been as bad as previous times - my list was not wildly off the mark - it just needed to be taken down by half again! Next time perhaps I'll only have to take my list down by a third!

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