Thursday, 27 September 2012

Unleaving Scarf

Holidays have officially started for me! I've left Sydney and now am on my way to Bendigo. So excited at the prospect!

My little Unleaving Scarf is taking shape. I'm well on the way now to the decreases and it should go quite quickly from here. I took one of these pictures at peak going to work time in the centre of Sydney and boy, did I get a lot of funny looks! I really hurried to take it so unfortunately it is not the best shot.

I have to share a couple of little vignettes from the plane trips. Obviously knitting on planes is not that common and on my way to Sydney a gentleman in his fifties stopped me as I was getting off to ask where I had learned to knit as "not many people knit these days" and then proceeded to congratulate me for learning to knit and adding "I bet you also know how to cook"?! I'm guessing both these skills equate to "dying feminine arts" in his mind but I thanked him and had great pleasure to tell him that actually knitting was very much a growing craft :-).

I also had an air hostess bend down to examine the pattern on my way to Melbourne. The beautiful Queen of Hearts wool was really eye catching in the semi-darkness with all of the glitter. She wanted to know where I had got the pattern and the yarn from. I was really delighted to be able to promote Candy Apple Lane and Lovely when you meet a fellow knitter!

So off exploring I go now and I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you shortly!

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