Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Getting into the Groove

Over the last couple of days, I had time to evaluate a few of my unfinished projects. I find that most projects have a bit of life cycle in terms of their development. There is the great excitement phase of planning, finding the right design and casting on. Sometimes a few projects get stuck there when it becomes very obvious a) either I've changed my mind entirely or b) there is some major technical hurdle (wrong wool, wrong colour, etc). This is a fairly easy "kill" stage of projects as there is not much emotional or time investment as yet.

The second stage is much harder - you have gone a little way into the project and you are in the middle of the "storming" phase of the knit. By that I mean, you're becoming more familiar with the instructions after a number of errors or restarts and this is the turning point of the project either getting into the groove or being abandoned.

Yesterday I had a lace project  at this turning point. It is a glorious dark blue bamboo wrap in 8ply (from the Bendigo Woollen Mills backroom). I intended to use a beautiful allover lace snow flurry pattern. I started it and made a number of errors (as always happens with lace for me) but the mojo just wasn't flowing even after several repeats of the pattern. I kept neglecting the project, feeling guilty about it and then I realised what the issue was. While the lace pattern was beautiful, it just did not fit in with the type of lace I needed right now - unfussy, uncomplicated, able to be picked up at a drop of hat. So all the work got pulled back and I cast on again with a feather and fan pattern - easy but with enough interest to keep me going. I've never tried a feather and fan style so I'm really interested to see how it turns out. It seems to fit the circumstances, suits the yarn and looks pretty good - and I think the groove is back on!

Of course, there are other times when abandoning a project is called for and yet it is so much harder to make the call....here is a case in point, my lonely sock.

But that is a story for another day....

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