Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Last Day in Melbourne

Sadly this is our last day in Melbourne but we finished it in style! After a morning spent at NGV Kids Corner with Little B, I spent the afternoon with Big B, visiting a very special place. Big B was so excited...I think you'll see why! He had a beautiful Chocolate Lover's Tart and I had a Caramel Banana Swiss Roll. He said he knew this was a very special place because they added lemon and ice to his lemon-lime bitter! The waitress also asked him for his name so he thought that was pretty good too - he thought this meant that they don't usually have little boys in the tea rooms!

The Bendigo Chinese Garden Unleaving Wrap is at the half way point and looking fabulous. However, she and I are parting ways momentarily as she requires a perfectionist attitude that is not appropriate for waiting in airports and assisting little boys in planes. Therefore, she has been packed away and I've cast on a Nightcap Beanie for my lovely husband's best mate (It's his birthday next week). It is a beautiful Naturally Drifters 10ply with enough colour gradient to be interesting. I've adapted slightly the pattern to fit the 10ply and the needles I have with me so fingers crossed it works! It is really nice for a change to have a very forgiving yarn with great elasticity and a simple mindless pattern to follow. I'm hoping to have it all finished - minus the making up and tassel by the time we touch down in Perth.

We've absolutely loved Melbourne and I can't wait to come back to Victoria. I'll need to do a lot of knitting first to make a dent in the yarn acquired during this visit!

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