Friday, 5 October 2012


Yesterday I had the afternoon to my self to wander around Melbourne. The idea was to find some new clothes for summer as I have the unfortunate tendency of wearing my clothes to death and only going shopping when I really need to. I think this may be a by-product of being a knitter, particularly with cardigans as I keep looking at them and thinking "Well, I'll just cast another cardigan" (which doesn't happen in the queue of waiting projects.

Of course, when shopping you have to make sure you have appropriate breaks to refresh the tired shopper. Therefore, I had a delicious time knitting in the Royal Arcade with a coffee and later in the Block Arcade with a beer! I managed to finish the Jalbrook Alpaca random-dyed cotton Unleaving Scarf. Very happy with the result! You'll have to imagine the finished result until I block it upon our return home.

Anyway, I had the best of intentions and was NOT looking for yarn, when I walked out of a shop and almost bumped into a glass case containing yarn. I did a bit of a double take as I wasn't expecting it and followed the signs to the Melbourne Morris and Sons - would you know it, it is about a minute and a half from our apartment! Of course, once there, it was mesmerising to browse and while I resisted manfully, I just had to walk out of the store with a lace weight ball of Schopper wool in gradients of autumn colours! I think perhaps a little lace scarf or wrap?
Another beautiful day in Melbourne ahead of us and another Unleaving scarf on my needles (turquoise and lime green)! I leave you with this gorgeous elephant at the Melbourne Zoo.

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