Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sneak Peek - Snail Cardigan & Bamboo Wrap

Today was a great day...the boys and I had the day to ourselves and we made full use of it including gardening (the boys tended their pet snails), going on a picnic and baking banana bread. Amid all of this rush of activity, there was a pure bliss moment of 20 minutes of peaceful knitting! I literally put up my feet and did row after row of stocking stitch....a truly wonderful way to unwind! For those who were still stuck at the pet snails...the boys were a little disappointed that they hadn't stuck around and had escaped by the end of the day rather than partake of their beautiful rose petal and rainbow chard salad!

On other snail related news, I finished a little 6-9 month cotton snail cardigan which will be part of the store stocking in the coming weeks on the A Passionate Yarn facebook page (i.e. it will be for sale..very exciting). It is a little design I'm experimenting around with, made in the very soft Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton - honeydew colour. This is a slightly plainer hardier version to suit a cotton 8ply (intarsia in cotton is not the most pleasant experience I find). The very cute mushroom button is from Jodulbug, New Zealand.

I also finally got to take a few pictures of the finished Bamboo Chinese Garden Wrap (I renamed it - had to get the bamboo in there!), which is made of the beautiful 80% bamboo, 20% wool I found in the Bendigo Woollen Mills back room. It is another version of the Unleaving scarf by Lee Juvan, made to be deeper and larger. I love the bright colours and it has a really beautiful flowing feel. It will also be part of the store stocking in the coming weeks!

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