Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Knit List 3 - Pink Mulberry Feather and Fan Scarf

Only four more weeks to go until Christmas and I'm starting to feel the knitting pressure. I spend a little time each day mentally reviewing how much time I've got and who perhaps doesn't need a knitted gift after all...the list inexplicably seems to get a bit shorter every few days :)!

However, I have got one gift all blocked and ready to go...here is the beautiful Miss Pink Mulberry Feather and Fan Scarf, which is the merino/silk blend from Candy Apple Lane. While the yarn had its own idiosyncrasies including being fuzzy during knitting and fusing a little, its softness and shine totally outweigh that. I was absolutely stunned by how well it blocked and it has totally transformed the scarf.


I've found this little pattern such a handy standby gift pattern that I'm going to be putting it up shortly as a free pattern on the A Passionate Yarn website (hopefully tonight!).

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