Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Wreath Part 1

Every year I always think that it would be a lovely idea to create a Christmas wreath and then I never quite get around to it. However, this is the year that I actually get this idea to work. Instead of the usual Christmas wreaths, I've decided to take my favourite theme of the garden into a Christmas red and white hue. So expect to see butterflies, ladybirds and other beauties...

Last night I tackled the biggest element, which was the peaceful dove. This was the make or break piece of my idea - if I didn't manage this, I think I would have shelved the idea of the wreath. I've never knitted something like this before and got entirely hooked on to it once I put in the wadding. I stayed up way past my bedtime just to see it come to fruition and finished off the wings this morning. I know this is a bit daggy but I'm so thrilled with the result! The pattern is by Lesley Stanfield in her beautiful book "75 Birds, Butterflies and Beautiful Beasties to Knit & Crochet". The yarn is a bit of left over 4 ply white wool/acrylic.

I'll be putting this little dove in the centre of my wicker wreath (see previous post) along with other little beasties, leaves, ribbon and Christmas decorations. Can't wait to see how this little bit of fun comes along!

In the meantime, the other Christmas knitting is also coming along well. My orange feather and fan scarf is about 5 cm away from being finished and will then just need to be washed, blocked and the two halves woven together. I'm just itching to get started on the next one!

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