Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Wreath Part 2

The Christmas wreath project is now well on its way. Despite being under the weather this week, I've managed to make three bits of mistletoe and a teeny butterfly....hurray! I'm hoping they will be followed shortly by another similar butterfly and if I manage it, an extraordinary looking butterfly called the Fritillary (sounds more like a culinary dish doesn't it?) and maybe some ladybirds.  All of the designs for the wreath are by Lesley Stanfield.

The boys have become very excited by the idea of knitted bugs for the Christmas tree and everyday they ask if I've made their slug yet. This started as a bit of a joke...but it ended up with a full blown discussion about the merits of having a slug at the top of the tree! I did veto that idea but a slug will have to join the crew at some point.

Christmas knitting is slowly progressing and as mentioned in the last post, I've started another feather and fan scarf with a gorgeous ultrafine merino/mulberry silk mix (48% silk!) dyed by Candy Apple Lane, my favourite dyer. In case, like me you weren't quite sure what this is, mulberry silk is the true old-fashioned silk made from silk worm cocoons. This beautiful material is literally like working with silk and is lovely to handle. The colourway, called "Miss Pink Mulberry", always makes me think of those beautiful pastel boiled sweets! I will only be showing bits and pieces of this scarf as its recipient very occasionally looks at this want to keep it a bit of a surprise. Just wishing I had more of this beautiful yarn!

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