Friday, 2 November 2012

Do Over Week

Okay, sometimes you get to a week, where with all the best of intentions, you find that in a number of areas of your life, you have projects on the go, which if you'd looked at them with all honesty, you knew you would have to start all over again.

So this week, after the wonderful blue bamboo wrap was taking shape with the right drape and the right lace pattern, a glaring issue became increasingly obvious....I had almost finished my first ball (having only four balls to do the project) and well, how to put it....the amount of wrap undertaken was probably about 20cm being very generous. Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out that I will never have enough to finish the project. I toyed for a little while with the idea of a table runner but as I don't really use table runners and no one in the family would need a dark blue one, there was only one thing to do. A small ball of tightly packed bamboo/wool yarn is all that is left of the beautiful wrap.

If that was not enough, to cheer myself up I started an orange scarf in the same feather and fan lace pattern and after an evening of work, realised it too was fatally flawed. The drape was all wrong and I really needed to go up a couple of sizes in my needles.

So now before starting again, I am taking a detour on the frivolous side of life....some knitted flowers for Melbourne Cup Day. For the non-Australians, it is next Tuesday and it is called "the race that stops the nation". All work places stop work and have a lunch of chicken, salad, rolls and when lucky, sparkling wine too! People dress up in nice summery dresses (even if it pours with rain), heels and wear hats or fascinators of some sort. So, I thought I'd investigate making a few head pieces if I can for the girls on the team.

Here's my dress with a couple of options in terms of yarn.....

Plus my first attempt at a flower...need to redo the centre of it but you get the general idea.

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