Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Odd Ball Project Finished

The knitted mannequin head has been safely delivered to AnnaBirgitte's house. What a great, if slightly odd, challenge to undertake. I'm delighted by the way it looks, despite being made in a few different parts to accommodate the potential discarding of the knitted fabric.

If ever you decide to do the same - here's how it was made. The foam mannequin head was bought from Riot Arts and Craft Centre but there are lots of similar ones online. I made a simple child-sized extra, extra long beanie using the classic Patons beanie pattern for Totem DK (I just decreased the ladies' size by six stitches). The yarn used here is a combination of Patons Dreamtime 4ply in beige and Patons Big Baby 4ply in white. The neck and shoulders are actually two parts. I cast on 28 stitches and just increased by one on both ends of each right sided row until I was about 2cm from the bottom and then switched to 6 rows of 1K,1P ribbing to match the beanie (without further shaping). I made this twice and sewed the edges up three quarters of the way, leaving a space to put over the head of the mannequin. You can then sew it up completely. Pin the beanie into place to shape for the neck and adjust so that the ribbed brim of the beanie is over the start of the neck and shoulders section.

Of course, this can be done in a much more sophisticated manner by knitting top-down and shaping to the actual head.

After so much beige and white, I'm ready for a bit of colour and fortunately, the postman obliged....look at all the beautiful woolly mail from Bendigo Woollen Mills! An amazing 3.2 kilos of wool and cotton. Of course, now I am facing severe yarn storage issues but hey, isn't that just another excuse to knit more and give some of this lovely stuff away?! I've got some great plans to make a Sideways Dude and a Sideways Babe (both by the very talented Alison Britt) out of some of this...

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