Saturday, 17 November 2012

Odd Ball Project Weekend

Just when you think you've got all your knitting projects mapped out, an oddball project pops up and takes over your weekend...just to keep you on your toes! For me, the oddball project is a knitted mannequin head. Why would I do that? Well, AnnaBirgitte and I are working on a summery photoshoot for the website and she suggested the idea of covering a styrofoam mannequin head with yarn. Great idea! So, not quite knowing how to tackle the issue, I decided to do it in two parts (since we have to have something we can take off and discard if we don't like it). The first is the beanie then the neck/shoulders

This is the work in progresss - an extra, extra long child-sized beanie in white and beige (using leftover Patons Dreamtime in beige (4ply) and Patons Big Baby in white (4ply). I used the two different colours to add a more subtle texture than just a plain white. I've started the neck part with the view that all of it will be pinned into shape for the photos.

I'm not sure if it will end up in the photos but it is certainly a very interesting experience! I've got to get cracking as it must be finished by the end of tonight to be delivered to AnnaBirgitte (from Photography by AnnaBirgitte) early next week.

I did sneak in a tiny bit of Christmas knitting when the white and beige got the better of me - a bit more on the beautiful Candy Apple Lane ultrafine merino/silk feather and fan scarf.

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