Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Start of Christmas Knitting

There are two significant events that bring out all the knitterly passion in me - the first is one that happens every year and the other pops up every so often after many months of gestation. You've probably guessed the latter is the birth of a baby and the former is Christmas. Both of these occasions are really represent the reason why I started knitting in the first place - it is all about celebrating life and being able to be generous of your time in thinking of and being with people.

So, Christmas time is incredibly special to me and I spend a lot of time and energy usually from late October planning little knitting related presents for those I hold dear. I love making little cardigans for those children who don't fully appreciate toys yet, or sturdy vests for active adventurers, lacy scarves or other unusual treat for adults who probably would not make it for themselves. Beanies are off the list unless particularly requested (they come out at Easter time!).

So this year, I am starting a little later than usual but am now officially in full swing. This orange feather and fan narrow scarf is for one of Big B's education assistants. It is made from an absolutely fascinating yarn called Rowan Lenpur Linen (75% Lenpur Viscose and 25% Linen). It has a beautiful draping silky appearance and is made in Italy no less! I bought this sadly discontinued yarn in Melbourne at Sunspun, which was filled to the brim with other wonders. I think the whole atmosphere of the shop is reflected in this yarn and I'm so pleased to be able to put it to good use.

My list of Christmas knitting is starting to form and while my tub of yarns earmarked for Christmas presents is spilling out all over my desk, there is one thing left to do today..... indulge in one of my favourite pre-Christmas rituals - perusing the Bendigo Woollen Mills end of year sale! I've just finished my wish list and  am about to post my order for their cotton special on their new range of colours as well as the special on the Serenade wool/bamboo mix. If it doesn't take too long, I can see a lot of cardigans, tunics and wraps being made from it!

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