Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Knit List 5: More Presents

Every year we get to this week before Christmas and I face the test of whether I was prepared enough to breeze through the last minute preparations. The answer to that challenge really lies in two parts - the first is that the priority projects got done in time - yay!

1) Hooded Vest for MJ - my little nephew. It's a Panda pattern and made in a beautiful Naturally Loyal variegated wool plus some Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury (Aquarium colour) to make up the shortfall. I had earmarked this yarn for him ages ago when he was much smaller!  I thought I could skip testing the gauge as I've worked with this before and got gauge but ahem, instead of being a one year old knit - it will last him well throughout his second year (he is almost 6 months now). I love the little wombat button I picked up in Bendigo.

2) Last teacher appreciation gift - Skinny Feather and Fan Scarf from Bendigo Woollen Mills 80% bamboo, 20% wool. I absolutely love this one but wasn't able to get a full shot (finished in the nick of time last night!).

3) Another little Chloe Cardigan - Size four this time for my niece. I still love making the cardigan! I still have a little bit of the beautiful "Sweet as Candy" colourway so perhaps a matching little dress might be in order?

Now, all I've got to do is a few Christmas decorations and then, I'll be off knitting a blue cotton cardigan for myself- very exciting!!!

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