Friday, 14 December 2012

Knitting Ideas for Kids

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and it is always good to get a few crafty ideas to entertain the children when it gets either too hot (as we may be) or too cold! I had the privilege to be on roster in Big B's Pre-Primary/ Year 1 class last Thursday and was asked by the teacher to find a means of making knitting nancys and then teaching the children to do French knitting.

After scouring the internet, I came across a great website, My Material Life which had a great section on the making knitting nancys from empty toilet rolls or half size kitchen rolls and popsticks. She also talks through what the end result can make - brilliant! So I tried it and it works a treat. You don't have to use hooks or picks and that is so much easier for 4-7 year olds. Your best bet is to you use 8ply/DK wool or at a maximum 10ply/worsted. For 4-7 year olds it is best to start them off and they will fly with it once it is going.

 Both in class and at home, it kept them entertained over an hour and my boys come back to it every now and then. Big B has been quite sick this week with a virus and he still really enjoyed doing it so it might be a good activity for sick kids too!

It was great fun getting back to doing something this simple and yet so satisfying. I don't think I've done this activity since I was about nine but it all comes back to you pretty quickly!

Have a great weekend! I'm desperately finishing off a vest for my nephew and just realised I calculated the armbands all wrong....eek!

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