Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sideways Babe Part 1

My beautiful A-Line cardigan and I have had a small falling out - I'm about to redo for the second time the front of the cardigan, having entirely stuffed up the initial lace edging. I think I would feel ok with this if it were a more challenging piece but as it is really quite easy, I am furious at myself. Also, as this was my "me-time" knit meant to pamper myself and smooth all of those ruffled, tired feathers after Christmas (I always find that no matter where I spend Christmas and how much of a lovely time I have, I get a bit "peopled out" and need a bit of space for a bit), a change was needed. Therefore, I've cast on a new project!

I've been itching to try this very cuddly cardigan from Allison Britt from SparrowPlay - Sideways Babe for a while and as we just found out that there is a new little second cousin called Minnie in the family, this was too good an opportunity to miss! It has some really interesting techniques and construction in it that keep you hooked although it is easy enough to be an anytime knit. These next few pictures show the start of a Sideways Babe cardigan in Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton (cotton/lycra blend) - since these were taken I've added the back and right front and am starting on the last side. I've also got the most perfect buttons from Jodulbug Creations to match the yarn which should provide a soft cotton, all year cardigan. In case you're wondering, the blue yarn is merely some waste yarn for the provisional cast-on.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make this my last finished object for the year but we shall see!

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