Monday, 7 January 2013

A Year in Review

Before I start this post....drum roll please...the winner of the Website Refresh Competition was Comment number 1 - Mikhaila, who will shortly be receiving the very cute Owl Earflap Hat.

It is the time of year when it is worth taking a look back at the year that was before you decide where to go from here. One on the main reasons I like to do this is because I often get pleasantly surprised at what I managed to accomplish even though periods seem rather hectic and chaotic.

This is marks the first year of A Passionate Yarn (it officially started trading on 2nd January) and that in itself was a huge milestone for me. Over the past year, I have  had the privilege of meeting many wonderful knitty people through various workshops, chance encounters and of course Ravelry. It has been a journey of discovery for myself, my husband and his website building skills and my knitting experiences.

Over the year:
  • My lovely husband and I designed and put together our website with the help of AnnaBirgitte and her camera(Photography by AnnaBirgitte). We also refreshed it over December.
  • In scrolling back over the finished objects for the year, I was so surprised to see that it came to about 54. That's more than one a week - I'm pretty gobsmacked by that! There were a few Christmas decorations in there so take away four and that is still a substantial amount of knitting...and there was I thinking I had no time for knitting! 
  • I published eight patterns.
  • AnnaBirgitte and I attended the Balingup Small Farm Field Day together and had a wonderful time.
On top of that, I started a new part-time job and we weathered the worst year of small child-related illnesses yet which seemed to go through the whole family.

There were also plenty of wonderful times with my eldest going to Pre-Primary and my youngest really coming out of his shell and showing himself as a very funny, outgoing little boy who is quite ready to take on Kindy this year.

As for resolutions for this year, well I won't put targets for either designs or finished objects but I would definitely like to learn to do cables and secondly, I would like to do a few home improvement projects.

Speaking of projects, here are a few shots of a Skinny Feather and Fan Scarf (pattern available for free here) done in Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk (a 10ply 75% wool, 25% silk mix). This colour has grown on me and now I am absolutely mesmerised by it. I'm calling it "Underwater Love".

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