Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cotton Cardigan 2 - Special Occasion

You might have wondered whether I gave in to the lure of other knits while I was down south or whether I actually managed to progress my cotton cardigan (Debbie Bliss A-Line Cardigan).

The answer is yes - the fifth time cast on was the charm...that's devotion for you! I also managed to mess up my decreases and so had to redo about half the left front again. This is of course when you appreciate the journey rather than thinking of the outcome!

Why the snake you might ask? Well, the snake featured in two ways on the weekend. The first is that a large snake (a duggite larger than my husband - venomous!) was spotted outside the front door of my in-laws place, which made us a little twitchy and on snake watch for the remainder of the weekend. That's Australia for you!

Secondly, both of my sons have a fondness for reptiles of all sorts and this plastic rendition is Big B's latest addition to our reptile collection. We held his special sixth birthday party with family this weekend and it was really a little boy's dream. He had all his favourite people, his favourite food and a monster cake! This beautiful cake is care of the wonderful Cherie who is amazing at cakes! Even the eyeballs were made with a different colour of cake mixture and were much prized for the eating.
 And lastly here is a quick picture of the birthday boy at the beach...this week will be all about him!

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