Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cotton Colour Experiments

After my surprisingly enjoyable experience with the test beanie for Allison Britt from Sparrowplay, I decided that my next experimental project will also be in technicolour....well, colourful for me anyway!

A very dear friend of mine is expecting a little girl in March and given she will be the second little girl of the family, I think it is important she has some special things to mark the occasion. I didn't make any knitted goodies for the first, Natasha, as my skills were not quite up to it at that stage so it is a fantastic opportunity for.....a brand new, super soft, cuddly, colourful baby blanket!
There is a slight technical obstacle of course here - the family live in Singapore and woollies are definitely persona non-grata. Therefore, I've been diving into my yarn stash taking out all of my cottons and I think these are the four most likely Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton candidates - blush pink (it is darker, less sickly than in the photo), parchment (off-white), latte (beige) and wild lavender (darker purple than the photo).

I've been fiddling around with the combinations of colours, interesting stitches and an idea is forming...I'll keep you posted!

I also need to get back to my own blue cotton cardigan which has been sadly neglected due to a slight disagreement I had with it and a total lack of mental energy required to go back and start the same section again for the third time. However, it must be done - my goal is to be able to wear it to a work do in the second week of February.

Of course there is always that blanket, the bougainvillea scarf, the Sideways Dude I'll be making for Ben and wait, wouldn't a shawl be just great.........

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