Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Feather and Fan: Bougainvillea Scarf 2

Today is Big B's sixth birthday and he is having a ball. My lovely husband took the boys ten pin bowling while I was at work and they were so excited when they came home!

 It is on days like these when I celebrate also those projects that I can pick up at a moment's notice - that fit in with whatever I'm doing and are forgiving as to the amount of attention you give them. This is my latest one - a Skinny Feather and Fan scarf in Poems Silk by Wisdom Yarns (75% wool, 25% silk). The colours are cheerful and they make me feel like I'm knitting with candy floss in a way.

 I have now basically completed the two sides and just have to undo about 5 repeats down on one side as I noticed a teeny, weeny error. Very soon I'm hoping to show you the final result.

Back to the birthday celebrations, we're having homemade hamburgers tonight, yummy!

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