Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Feather and Fan Variations

As it has been an incredibly eventful week back at work and we've been also organising a number of things for the family as well, it has been really important to take a minimalist, comfort approach to knitting. That is, draw on the restoring, meditative nature of plain, repetitive knitting to soothe the ruffled feathers and relax in front of something mindless and fun. It also means taking the time to dwell on colour changes and the feel of the yarn.

For this purpose, I've been working on two Skinny Feather and Fan scarves (pattern found here) in Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk (75% wool, 25% silk). One is what I'm calling "Underwater Love" and I've just unpinned the two blocked halves. The colours remind me of light shining through the water where you sometimes get dark patches of seaweed or rock and the light patches are where you see clearly down to the sand..

The second colour theme (still in Poems Silk) is what I am calling Bougainvillea as its beautiful shades really resemble those in our garden.

These scarves will most likely become part of a store stocking down the track but at the moment, I'm just enjoying the journey!

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