Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ripple Baby Blanket 1

It has been action stations here....we had a bushfire come quite close to our home yesterday and that was a scary time. Thankfully there were big firebombers and lots of firetrucks so the blaze was all contained within three hours. Our place was right on the flight path for the water bombers and helicopters and we could see the water being dumped on the flames. This morning the calm has been restored and we're all very grateful of the great work of the firefighters.

Amid all of this chaos, it was lovely to work on this little cotton baby blanket that was inspired by the Attic 24 blog. It isn't crochet but it mimics a bit the lovely ripple blankets she makes. I also wanted something to use up some of my stocks of 8ply cotton in boy colours (All except the aqua colour are Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton and the aqua is Heirloom Cotton which is also made by Bendigo Woollen Mills). I still have to make room in my cupboards from all my yarn buying last year!
Anyway, it is a gorgeous blanket to knit - I'm sure there are lots of feather and fan blanket patterns out there but I just winged it and it seems to be turning out fine! Looking forward to spending a little time with it again this afternoon.

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