Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sideways Babe Finished

 Well, it is almost very nearly finished...literally just a couple of ends to weave in and the buttons to sew on. However, as I've been so busy with the boys I just wanted to get a quick shot!

I absolutely loved knitting this cardigan (Sideways Baby by Allison Britt from SparrowPlay) and will likely knit it again in the future - probably in wool this time. It is an easygoing knit with interesting techniques and features that keep you interested - not to say addicted!

There is one note of caution and that is not the fault of the pattern but lies entirely with the knitter - when you know that you are seriously lacking in sleep, not quite had a coffee yet and you know your children will be in any moment clamouring for your attention - read the instructions very carefully and don't attempt any tricky manoeuvres. At 6.30am on New Year's Day, I ended up accidentally undoing the lovely three needle bind on the side and losing my stitches all over the place as my youngest wanted me to make him toast and wanted to strike up a conversation. It looks a little less neat to one side now but no great harm done thankfully.

The Bendigo Woollen Mills Spring Cotton has worked well and that is wonderful as I'm having a hard time finishing my last ball of it. It is extremely elastic and therefore it doesn't suit all projects.

Lastly, here are a couple of shots of how the boys and I spent our day at the Caversham Wildlife Park.

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