Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ben's Lorix in Wool 2

It has been a bit of an erratic blog in these last couple of weeks due to starting the new healthy living program, illness (ah yes, couldn't quite shake that one but all ok now) and a hectic period of work. My knitting has suffered greatly apart from the day I was home sick and couldn't do much more that knit. This has had real advantages as I've almost finished the Lorix for Ben - just need to do the collar section. I've even already sewn in the ends!

In a perfect world I would finish this tonight, ready to give to Ben tomorrow. However, as we were all awake at about 5am this morning, I have my doubts whether even toothpicks propping up my eyelids would work! I have to finish it though in time for the end of the month!

On a real high today, I attended half a day at Little B's kindy and it was fantastic to be able to see him in his element in all the activities and enjoying himself!

I'll be away in Adelaide for a few days so no blog until Thursday but hopefully I'll have plenty to show you!

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