Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cotton Lorix 2: Not Going to Make It In Time

Okay, it was overly ambitious to think I could possibly finish this vest even without the front pocket for Baby Ben's birthday...I forgot I would have one less night to knit and didn't anticipate having generally less knitting time (having two boys start school with one for the first time does put a dent on your time!) plus some difficulties with my choice of yarn.

It is a beautiful pattern that normally I would thoroughly enjoy knitting. However my choice of cotton is making it a less than  congenial experience. As cotton has no stretch, you having to be absolutely perfect in your magic loop and normally I have no issues but on this knit, every slightly imperfect stitch shows up as a glaring error. I seem to be losing my knitting mojo as stitch after stitch is looking less even.

As I won't be finishing it tomorrow, I am going to set it aside a night and pick it up again when I'm seeing the glass half-full again and can see its potential again.

Tonight, I'll work on my rainbow ripple's orange and pink tonight on the menu. That is sure to perk any girl up and is the perfect way to celebrate Little B's first day at Kindy. He had a good time and was thoroughly exhausted by his first day....his mama is as well. It may be a very early night in this household!

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