Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lorix Revisted - Cotton Trumped by Wool

My apologies for being a bit distracted this week....we're having a couple of changes happening in our family which we're in the middle of processing (all good!) and the time for knitting and other generally being online has dramatically decreased.

The first big change of course is Little B going to Kindy for half days - this week he's going for two full days. The second is of course a shift to exercising and healthy eating. I'm sure as we all get into our strides...I'll find a bit more time for my favourite activity! The great news is that I can report that Little B loves school and that I've lost a kilo in a week and have managed to add a bit of running to my walking, which I have not done since before Big B was born.

In the meantime on the knitting front, I've blocked and weaved in the ends for the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket. It looks gorgeous! It is now all ready to be packed off to Singapore when the time comes.
I also had a real struggle with my Cotton Lorix. I continued it until I had done all of the body and joined the shoulders. As I was doing the first armband, I realised that it would never look as it should and I wouldn't be happy gifting it. Not the fault of the pattern at all but rather my interpretation in cotton. So, heartbreakingly, I have started again with Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury in Acorn. It was the best decision as it is just easy knitting now and in about a day (most of it not spent knitting) I've done what is shown below and really enjoyed it. I'm also using the beautiful stitch markers gifted to me by Jen from Candy Apple Lane and it is making the whole experience even better. I can't wait to see how this knit turns out!

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