Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rainbow Ripple Blanket 2

I love when a piece of knitting finally comes together and you see before you exactly what was in your mind's eye. For quite a while now I wanted to attempt a rainbow ripple baby blanket as all examples I have seen always look so spectacular and full of joy that you just know as the baby grows up, this blanket will continue to be with them. I really enjoyed knitting this piece and will be knitting another again sometime soon.
This is a picture taken from the boy's tree house very early in the morning (6.30am) and I'm sure my neighbours must have thought me pretty dotty to be out there photographing knitting. However, I think this will be the perfect gift for a little baby girl that is due to be born next month in Singapore. When it no longer fits her, hopefully she'll be able to turn it into a doll blanket or a snuggly.

Also, now that I have this beautiful blanket mostly out of the way, I am getting traction on the Cotton Lorix. I've got the back done so now I've just got to do the front and sleeves. By the way, it was also transported to the tree house for its morning photo! There is still time to join Allison Britt's KAL on Budding Designers Downunder Forum on Ravelry. There are some really amazing prizes to be won.

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