Thursday, 28 February 2013

Suri Alpaca Wrap: The Beginnings

I'm back from Adelaide, which was a really great experience. I really enjoyed the city and got to do a lot of things I don't normally have time for like going to the Art Gallery, seeing a show and shopping! No yarn shopping this time as I was only in the city centre and I didn't fancy going to Lincraft or Spotlight.

I was really proud also to have been able to continue all of the good exercise and amazed myself by being at the gym just after 6am on two consecutive days...miraculous! With all this great fun and being utterly exhausted every night, that left not as much time to knit as anticipated but managed to sneak in a "me" knit. This is made from beautiful Suri Alpaca from Lawithick Farm in 3ply. It is a bit like knitting with dental floss so I've kept the pattern very simple. It is a feather and fan detail at both ends and just stocking stitch in the middle. I hope I have enough yarn, if not it might turn out to be a lap warmer! It's beautiful and frothy and while the colour is not true in this picture, it is a gorgeous silvery violet.

I also 'finished' Ben's Lorix by inadvertently modifying the collar - i.e. misreading the instructions and being too tired to rip it out, decided to plough on and turn it into a shawl collar. Needless to say that I will be ripping the collar out and redoing it. While I love the Lorix pattern and wouldn't hesitate to do it again...this project is now feeling very much like hard work. The sooner finished, the better!

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