Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter Knitted Flowers

A few weeks ago, I went to Bed, Bath and Table to get a bit creative with my Easter decorations. I found something just perfect for my mum's table - this beautiful little egg bowl. I had immediate visions of European spring flowers bursting out of it, nestled amid some straw. So, today I started on the path of realising this image.

I'm not quite sure how it will all end up looking but I think I might add another two types of flowers, perhaps even a petunia and a blue flower of some description. I'm quite excited about this as it is bringing me closer in spirit to the decorations for the Balingup Small Farm Field Day, where flowers and nature will be the theme.

I leave you for now with the almost finished Extended Rainbow Ripple Blanket. I had a beautiful afternoon with some very lovely ladies at craft group in lots of peace and with plenty of cups of tea!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rainbow Ripple Blanket: The Jodulbug Showcase Version

Despite quite a hectic week, I've made quite a bit of progress on the Rainbow Ripple blanket (which will be sold at the Jodulbug Creations Showcase on facebook on 27 April). I always love going through each colour and just seeing the blanket evolve. The addition of the layer of the pink at the beginning has given in a different feel and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result! I'm over half way now - about two thirds of the way through.

The original version of this will be on its way to Singapore tomorrow to welcome the birth of a beautiful baby girl called Natalie. I hope it comes in handy as it is very soft and such a fun colourful little blanket.

Also, even though I have a full calendar of knitting, I've been browsing the 2013 Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn catalogue....drooling of course. I'm going to be sensible...just limit it to some 10 ply to match these beautiful skeins...and maybe a bit of 8ply as I really don't have any in the house...and...Wait - deep breath - yep, only the trim to go with these colourful skeins.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rainbow Ripple Extended Version

With the Easter egg knitting firmly under control (I have one left at this stage), I am starting the rainbow ripple baby blanket for Jodulbug Creation's Rainbow show case in late April. As you know, I love knitting this neat and colourful little cotton blanket and I hope it will bring some little baby lots of pleasure. This one is going to be slightly longer than my last one with the incorporation of a pink layer.
I am very much looking forward to doing a bit of knitting tonight, flaking out in front of...dare I say it...the Biggest Loser. I've become a bit addicted to watching some of the repeats. I never watched the original shows but it is great motivation for keeping with the healthy changes I have made.

Although it has only been five weeks since I started, it is really paying off with my blood pressure a little lower and I am in a much better mood. I've signed up to a gym and really enjoying the experience as long as getting out and about more. I'm back comfortably into my size 14s and within a short distance from some of my favourite work and going out dresses that are a size 12. Hurray!!

Now, I'm hoping it also brings greater knitting endurance...chuckle!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Knitted Easter Eggs 2

It has been a very busy week with two nights out in the middle of the week and my first week of four days a week of work. Today is a bit of a slow down with little B at home sick with the newest class virus. He's been pretty miserable but we have had fun reading his favourite encyclopedia of animals and various Dr. Seuss books.

As he has had a big sleep, I had the chance to finish my latest egg, which turned out not to be an egg at all but a beautiful little ball. A perfect little treat for a sick little boy. He's pretty thrilled and it hugging it right now!

The Easter eggs have been coming along, probably not as fast as I would have liked but to be expected in the time I had. I love their colours and they're such fun to stuff!

I think eight might be slightly too ambitious given I still have a rainbow baby blanket and my decorations for the Balingup Small Farm Field Day (just you wait and see!). I'll see where I get to on Saturday and make a decision then.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Easter Egg Knitting

I've been waiting excitedly to do this little project - an assortment of knitted Easter eggs for the boys and their cousins to find come Easter Sunday. I've scaled down my expectations due to starting a bit later than first anticipated but looking at having about eight hopefully in total. I love the colours and the joy of choosing different combinations!
There's something wonderfully comforting about playing with pretend eggs and even though my boys are getting older, the eggs in their play food basket still get a good workout. I like the idea of these knitted eggs as they are warm and squishy and can be something even our youngest nephew MJ can play with at nine months of age.

The pattern is from the very talented Lesley Stanfield and I've substituted hobby fill for plastic/foam molded eggs (mainly because I have a huge bag in my cupboard!). The idea is not to have technically beautiful eggs but rather an array of fun colours and designs. I'm diving into my stash of leftover 4ply yarns to find interesting new combinations. A great way to use up those bits that are less than half a ball! The blue is my latest and I think I'll add a couple of flowers on to it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Passionate Yarn: The Next Iteration

I thought I’d better let you know about what’s going to be happening with A Passionate Yarn over the coming months. A Passionate Yarn was started a bit over a year ago and I’ve found the whole experience a fascinating journey and one I wouldn’t have missed for the world. It has enabled me to meet some wonderful women, challenged me in my knitting, as well as learning many more skills than I had anticipated!  I have changed so much over the course of this year and so has my role as a mother with my youngest now in Kindy.  

Due to this and as I’ve also been given the opportunity to step into an exciting role at work which requires a little more of my time, I will be stopping my main retail activities as of 30 April 2013 for the time being. 

I may continue to sell some of my own finished objects at collective online markets or on facebook (with pieces like this strawberry and pistachio cotton baby blanket) but will mainly concentrate on designing a few other pieces. 

The blog will also continue of course as I love sharing any new finished objectss with you!

 In the lead up to 30 April there will be one more facebook store stocking, the Balingup Small Farm Field Day and I will be participating in Jodulbug’s Rainbow Market.

Keep posted for the colourful facebook store stocking to come and I hope you’ll keep checking in to see where A Passionate Yarn goes to next! I'm also hoping to get started on some knitted Easter eggs this afternoon :-) .

Monday, 4 March 2013

Pistachio and Strawberry Blanket

This weekend I was just wondering about how much time I would have for my knitting and whether its importance had somewhat been diminished amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, when one of the reasons I really love this craft became once again apparent. After a busy few days getting back into the home space, spending more time with the boys and celebrating our wedding anniversary, I of course caught a cold, which by yesterday evening was pretty awful.

So, amid the cups of hot tea and panadol, I took up my knitting again, another cotton baby blanket in a feather and fan ripple pattern I started a few weeks ago (this will be intended for the Balingup Small Farm Field Day). It was immensely relaxing to see the layers go through reminding me of strawberry and pistachio icecream with a dash of mint. I have to admit that these colours are a little out of my character and going really pink still makes me feel a little uncomfortable but all of the green made it much more in keeping with my preferred colours.
Just finishing up the last darker green layer and it will be all ready to be washed and blocked. Hurray!