Sunday, 10 March 2013

Easter Egg Knitting

I've been waiting excitedly to do this little project - an assortment of knitted Easter eggs for the boys and their cousins to find come Easter Sunday. I've scaled down my expectations due to starting a bit later than first anticipated but looking at having about eight hopefully in total. I love the colours and the joy of choosing different combinations!
There's something wonderfully comforting about playing with pretend eggs and even though my boys are getting older, the eggs in their play food basket still get a good workout. I like the idea of these knitted eggs as they are warm and squishy and can be something even our youngest nephew MJ can play with at nine months of age.

The pattern is from the very talented Lesley Stanfield and I've substituted hobby fill for plastic/foam molded eggs (mainly because I have a huge bag in my cupboard!). The idea is not to have technically beautiful eggs but rather an array of fun colours and designs. I'm diving into my stash of leftover 4ply yarns to find interesting new combinations. A great way to use up those bits that are less than half a ball! The blue is my latest and I think I'll add a couple of flowers on to it.

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