Thursday, 14 March 2013

Knitted Easter Eggs 2

It has been a very busy week with two nights out in the middle of the week and my first week of four days a week of work. Today is a bit of a slow down with little B at home sick with the newest class virus. He's been pretty miserable but we have had fun reading his favourite encyclopedia of animals and various Dr. Seuss books.

As he has had a big sleep, I had the chance to finish my latest egg, which turned out not to be an egg at all but a beautiful little ball. A perfect little treat for a sick little boy. He's pretty thrilled and it hugging it right now!

The Easter eggs have been coming along, probably not as fast as I would have liked but to be expected in the time I had. I love their colours and they're such fun to stuff!

I think eight might be slightly too ambitious given I still have a rainbow baby blanket and my decorations for the Balingup Small Farm Field Day (just you wait and see!). I'll see where I get to on Saturday and make a decision then.

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