Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rainbow Ripple Extended Version

With the Easter egg knitting firmly under control (I have one left at this stage), I am starting the rainbow ripple baby blanket for Jodulbug Creation's Rainbow show case in late April. As you know, I love knitting this neat and colourful little cotton blanket and I hope it will bring some little baby lots of pleasure. This one is going to be slightly longer than my last one with the incorporation of a pink layer.
I am very much looking forward to doing a bit of knitting tonight, flaking out in front of...dare I say it...the Biggest Loser. I've become a bit addicted to watching some of the repeats. I never watched the original shows but it is great motivation for keeping with the healthy changes I have made.

Although it has only been five weeks since I started, it is really paying off with my blood pressure a little lower and I am in a much better mood. I've signed up to a gym and really enjoying the experience as long as getting out and about more. I'm back comfortably into my size 14s and within a short distance from some of my favourite work and going out dresses that are a size 12. Hurray!!

Now, I'm hoping it also brings greater knitting endurance...chuckle!

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