Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sparkly Pink Ballerina Dress 1

It is a very quick hello tonight as I am in the midst of preparing to go to Adelaide before dawn tomorrow and I'm running a little behind schedule.

My beautiful niece is turning three in a couple of weeks' time and I wanted to make something very special for her. I bought some gorgeous DK Sparkle "Soft Pink" from Candy Apple Lane a little while ago with her in mind and have been hunting for the right pattern. I've finally succumbed to the very cute Rainbow Dress by Georgie Hallam and this is how it is turning out:

I've decided to do the picot edging cast off which is very pretty and have also included a space to thread a white ribbon when I'm finished. Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the sparkle but you should see it under lights! This is a very girly knit for me but I think it should be just right to tickle a three year old's fancy.

Also, I promised I would share a picture of the yarns I bought in Balingup. The larger one with the pinks and purples is a handspun hand-dyed alpaca from Jalbrook Alpaca and the other two are from the Melanian Sheep Breeders Association - 4ply wool. Pretty cool don't you think?!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alpaca Lap Blanket

What an amazing avalanche of an April! It seems that every week we've had at least three momentous occurrences both happy or sad at a time and I'm left really clinging to the canoe this week. After one more trip to Adelaide on Monday and Tuesday, I'm really looking forward to Mellow May!

As you know, after weeks of knitting for the Balingup Small Farm Field Day, I am now really enjoying a bit of relaxation knitting. I've taken up the beautiful Suri Alpaca 3ply from Lawithick Farm and am knitting away.

 I love how soft it feels and the fact that it is a little fluffy. I'm learning with this piece as I haven't worked with anything so fine before. Unfortunately this won't be long enough for a wrap so it will just have to be an ultra soft and extremely luxurious lap blanket!
I can't wait to see how it turns out...

Also, I've cast on a little Rainbow Dress (design by Tiki Designs) for my niece who's turning three shortly. I'm making it out of another of Candy Apple Lane's beautiful yarns - a pink sparkle yarn. Unfortunately the pink sparkle hasn't quite come out in the photos but will look great on the straight stocking stitch part of the dress.

Next time, I promise, there will be better shots of this beautiful yarn!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Balingup Small Farm Field Day Adventures

I've just arrived back home after the Balingup Small Farm Field Day, exhausted but absolutely thrilled to bits with the weekend. AnnaBirgitte and I had a great day talking to lots of people. I manned the stall, which was to our surprise really busy and AnnaBirgitte, who was the official photographer of the Field Day, was busy taking fantastic shots of all the activities, produce and people.
We also were absolutely delighted and totally shocked to be awarded one of the two prizes given for best craft stall! The vine and little old Sluggy, the knitted slug, did get people talking as did AnnaBirgitte's flags (not pictured above).  I have to say I did get some really odd looks once people noticed the slug but then that's all part of the knitting fun!
I came home with my tubs of knitted and crocheted goodies are very much depleted and in their place, you won't be surprised to learn, I also brought home some lovely hand-dyed yarn from Jalbrook Alpaca and from the Melanian Sheep Breeders Association. I'll take pictures of them soon to share with you I promise!

I leave you with a few more of the beautiful Balingup Scarecrows and I'm now off for a cup of tea and a long relaxing knit....

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stall Preparation 3: Nests and Butterflies

This is the last run down to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day (Saturday 20th April - and it is fair to say that the level of knitting and preparation has stepped up in intensity. This is well and truly the last minute preparations...I've got until Tuesday to make any last preparations (and possibly the car trip down on Friday) to make any last little elements.

The big knitted vine is virtually done. My lovely husband has patiently threaded wire through it and it is now complete with flowers and leaves. He will still be putting little bits of wire in the leaves to stiffen them up too. I've made a couple of butterflies and a third is on its way to also add to the vine. They will be joined by the slug and dove I made at Christmas.

Also for a bit of fun, I've always wanted to put together some eggs in a nest and I think they will look great next either at the bottom of the knitted vine or next to the boy beanies on the stall.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stall Preparation 2: Knitted Vine with Flowers

And so last week's knitted leaves are starting to join the vine and I've been knitting a few little flowers as well.  For those that haven't seen the previous posts, this is all to decorate my stall at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day on Saturday April 20th.

To make sure I wasn't entirely mad, I started joining up some small leaves to a smaller vine (which will drape out of a pot on the stall) as a bit of a prototype. I think it is starting to get there! I've realised that I also need to add some thin wire in the vine and the leaves - my lovely husband has fortunately volunteered to help! (In case you're wondering the majority of the leaves and flowers are made from Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton - with some tiny inclusions of wool where I couldn't find an alternative).
The picture above is taken on the Rainbow Ripple blanket I finished and this whole photo is inspired by the beautiful works of Lucy at Attic24. Here's a more sober picture....

I'm doing a purple/dark pink and light pink one next, then probably an orange and yellow one and then it is time to put in some serious mileage around bugs and beasties. My little Christmas slug will also probably make an appearance on this vine!

Unfortunately, the days and nights are rather short to indulge in these pursuits but it is so much fun when you get to indulge for a while!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stall Preparation 1: Autumn Leaves

I'm having a bit of fun here creating some decorations for my stall down in Balingup on Saturday 20th April (Balingup Small Farm Field Day), which is now only two and a bit weeks away. In my dreams, I'd love to make it a garden-inspired stall with elements of nature popping here, there and everywhere. I have to temper a bit this dream with the practical realities of heading into the two busiest weeks at work but I'm hoping to be able to turning a version of this idea into reality.  This means that over the next couple of weeks there will be a) less blog posts, b) some rather odd nature-related knits popping up on the blog.

One of the items I would like to create is a climbing vine around the stall, complete with some flowers and hopefully a couple of butterflies/bugs. So far, I've made the main vine (all 4.5m of it!) and have had fun creating different sized leaves.
These leaves are from Lesley Stanfield's book on 100 flowers to knit and crochet. Her books are truly inspirational and I love creating these little dainties! 

Also, I am almost ready for Jodulbug Creations showcase. The very colourful and soft Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket was washed and pinned out early this morning. I'll weave in the ends and take some beauty shots over the weekend.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Eggs and Flowers 2

I've just got back from Balingup where we all enjoyed a beautiful, full Easter weekend, which also included the christening of Little B. The weather was beautiful and we all got to do lovely walks, a little bit of tennis, exploring the village and of course, eating beautiful food. The christening was really perfect and I'm glad Little B was a little older as he could be part of the whole ceremony as could Big B.

I also managed to get my Easter flowers finished on time...yay!

And the knitted Easter Eggs were hidden and found. They were a hit with little MJ and Little B, not so much with Big B, who knew these were "fake" eggs and not as interesting as the chocolate ones. Never mind, you've got to do it once before they were too big!

Now that Easter is over, it is time to concentrate on the next big knitting event...the Balingup Small Farm Field Day, which is on Saturday 20 April. I'm very excited to be attending with AnnaBirgitte. Over the next three weeks I'll be putting together my display, which I started on the weekend. Do you think you can guess what it will be?