Sunday, 21 April 2013

Balingup Small Farm Field Day Adventures

I've just arrived back home after the Balingup Small Farm Field Day, exhausted but absolutely thrilled to bits with the weekend. AnnaBirgitte and I had a great day talking to lots of people. I manned the stall, which was to our surprise really busy and AnnaBirgitte, who was the official photographer of the Field Day, was busy taking fantastic shots of all the activities, produce and people.
We also were absolutely delighted and totally shocked to be awarded one of the two prizes given for best craft stall! The vine and little old Sluggy, the knitted slug, did get people talking as did AnnaBirgitte's flags (not pictured above).  I have to say I did get some really odd looks once people noticed the slug but then that's all part of the knitting fun!
I came home with my tubs of knitted and crocheted goodies are very much depleted and in their place, you won't be surprised to learn, I also brought home some lovely hand-dyed yarn from Jalbrook Alpaca and from the Melanian Sheep Breeders Association. I'll take pictures of them soon to share with you I promise!

I leave you with a few more of the beautiful Balingup Scarecrows and I'm now off for a cup of tea and a long relaxing knit....


  1. Such excellent pictures of Balingup, gotta love the scarecrows! Congrats on the stall award :)

    1. Thanks Zenny! It was such a fun day.