Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stall Preparation 2: Knitted Vine with Flowers

And so last week's knitted leaves are starting to join the vine and I've been knitting a few little flowers as well.  For those that haven't seen the previous posts, this is all to decorate my stall at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day on Saturday April 20th.

To make sure I wasn't entirely mad, I started joining up some small leaves to a smaller vine (which will drape out of a pot on the stall) as a bit of a prototype. I think it is starting to get there! I've realised that I also need to add some thin wire in the vine and the leaves - my lovely husband has fortunately volunteered to help! (In case you're wondering the majority of the leaves and flowers are made from Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton - with some tiny inclusions of wool where I couldn't find an alternative).
The picture above is taken on the Rainbow Ripple blanket I finished and this whole photo is inspired by the beautiful works of Lucy at Attic24. Here's a more sober picture....

I'm doing a purple/dark pink and light pink one next, then probably an orange and yellow one and then it is time to put in some serious mileage around bugs and beasties. My little Christmas slug will also probably make an appearance on this vine!

Unfortunately, the days and nights are rather short to indulge in these pursuits but it is so much fun when you get to indulge for a while!

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