Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stall Preparation 3: Nests and Butterflies

This is the last run down to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day (Saturday 20th April - and it is fair to say that the level of knitting and preparation has stepped up in intensity. This is well and truly the last minute preparations...I've got until Tuesday to make any last preparations (and possibly the car trip down on Friday) to make any last little elements.

The big knitted vine is virtually done. My lovely husband has patiently threaded wire through it and it is now complete with flowers and leaves. He will still be putting little bits of wire in the leaves to stiffen them up too. I've made a couple of butterflies and a third is on its way to also add to the vine. They will be joined by the slug and dove I made at Christmas.

Also for a bit of fun, I've always wanted to put together some eggs in a nest and I think they will look great next either at the bottom of the knitted vine or next to the boy beanies on the stall.

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