Sunday, 26 May 2013

Indulence Scarf 2: Almost Finished

The weekend has rushed by in the blink of an eye - a blurred mass of chocolate cake, miniature railways, trains of all sizes, climbing gyms, ironing on clothes labels for the boys, soup and craft group. I've not completed any of the crafty tasks I had in mind but "progress not perfection" is the key as a close work colleague of mine always says.

My scarfette (Paula's Scarfette by Georgie Hallam) is growing and I should be finishing it very soon. I love the colours and I think the yarn (10 ply handspun from Bilby Yarns in Willagee) will also relax a little after a soak in some soapy water. It feels very soft and luxurious on, which will come in handy very soon!
I also finally sewed on the button and finished the last weaving in of ends for my cotton A-Line cardigan. I wore it to the birthday party we went to at the miniature railways and it withstood the outing! The picking up of stitches around the neck is something I will need to work on in cotton where there is absolutely no room for error.

Lastly, I have to let you know that I am once again practicing my crochet with a bit more success this time! Polly at craft group very patiently showed a group of us how to do our basic stitches. I had already had this lesson a few times but it never seemed to sink in. This time, it felt more natural and I actually practiced some more last night. I was so impressed with myself for making two squares that actually resemble squares! I'm thinking of making myself a few cotton coaster squares in a multitude of colours. I've made one more since taking this photo in a pale green. Just need a red, a yellow and maybe a dark blue!

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