Sunday, 12 May 2013

Minibreak in Adelaide

It's Mother's Day here in Australia and it has been a really special day - whole weekend in fact. My lovely husband and I had the privilege of being able to take a few days away together without little boys, courtesy of my parents-in-law (to whom I am very, very grateful!).
We spend two wonderful days discovering Adelaide in all of its autumn beauty. We spent the vast majority of our time walking through amazing parts of the city. My husband worked out we walked about 15km the first day (not including things like shopping or finding somewhere to eat) and 9km the second day in the morning (plus additional in the afternoon). Let's just say, it was a perfect excuse to enjoy Adelaide's great restaurants and wine guilt-free!

Here are some of the highlights from the Botanical Gardens...the tropical world of the bicentennial glass house
 The giant waterlilies in the Amazon Waterlily Pavillion...
 The cactus garden in a beautiful glass house...
One our travels too, we went shopping and I visited a beautiful shop called Button Bar in the picturesque Adelaide Mall. I was just excited by the great range of buttons when my lovely husband told me: "I can't believe you haven't spotted the wool yet". In the back of the shop was a range of luxury yarns including a wide variety of Noro husband had to take a hike for a while as I settled in for a really enjoyable perusal of all the fabulous yarns (not that he minded I hasten to add!). Of course, I just had to get a ball of Kureyon sock yarn as a souvenir and a couple of buttons!

As you can see, I've been working on my cotton cardigan and hope to get it done this week! I've also started a custom vest in 8ply Serenade. I was going to proudly show you what two plane trips can enable but...I realised yet again that sleep deprivation and any sort of pattern following is fraught. I have now to undo about 3 hours worth of work....grrr. Nevermind, these gorgeous booklets made by Big B and Little B can only make me smile.
 Nothing says I love you like a lizard! I've got great new Mothers Day pictures also from the boys in my study so once I've reorganised by shelving I'll show you. I'm also proudly wearing my macaroni and bead bracelet.

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