Saturday, 29 June 2013

California Scarf

This week has seen me work on a really intriguing scarf (a custom request) from the Cleckheaton California patterns. Worked in series of short rows using the beautiful variegated Cleckheaton California 8ply yarn (shown in Ocean), this ends up being a simple but very effective knit. Totally addictive as well!
After a rather hectic week at work, I decided on Friday to have a crafting day and spent a whole four hours devoted to knitting and catching up on my favourite TV shows. It was total bliss! This scarf was a perfect match for my mood and I just kept cracking along. I even managed to break my bamboo knitting needle - first time ever and had to go buy a replacement (the fact I did not have a replacement at the ready tells me that my needle collection is not yet as comprehensive as it should be!). This last shot is probably the truest in colour.

 Lastly, I finally got around to washing and blocking the little beanie for my one year old nephew MJ. I took a quick snapshot of it yesterday as it was drying in the sun (ready to be gifted today). I'm hoping it will fit him as yours truly was rather scatterbrained in making it (managing to forget not only not to change to the larger needle size but also managing to do the wrong sort of cast-on when I already knew I shouldn't be doing that one). My sister-in-law has been forewarned so if it doesn't fit, a replacement will be made.
One more party to go this afternoon! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.

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