Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Crochet Creations

It has been a few weeks now since I've mentioned crochet. For those of you who don't know it, I am an absolute beginner in crochet and have found my several attempts to learn this other yarny past-time quite challenging. For one, it uses your left hand in a way that is absolutely not involved in the knitting I do. Two, none of the skills that I have learned in knitting that you might think apply (like tensioning your yarn) works in the way. Lastly, the whole concept of being really bad at something again and that all your attempts are really quite woeful is a little hard to endure when you are time poor and can do very well in the knitting sphere. The joys of embracing adult learning as some would say!
My first crochet project was to make some coasters as we are chronically short of coasters at home and I keep using a terrible gauge swatch as my coaster for my desk. Not particularly inspirational or beautiful!
 So these four different squares are an attempt to master my tensioning of the yarn and to make something approximately uniform. In case you're wondering, the purple square has an extra border on it - no, I'm not quite that bad!
However, this was an introductions to my bigger project which is actually a crochet cushion cover in Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton (better for our Western Australian summers). It has progressed a little more since this picture was taken. The aim here is to have an interesting blank canvas for the cushion on which I can embellish with knitted or if I'm game enough, crochet motifs. This will remain a project between projects when I don't want to pick up my needles or when time only permits me to do small bits at a time.

Anyway, although it is not perfect, I can see small bits of progress and that is enough for me at this point in time. What are you learning at the moment?

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