Saturday, 15 June 2013

Finishing Projects

There is something very empowering about finishing projects and packaging them up. I had the joy of doing that for a couple of projects this weekend. 

The first is the Camille Cardigan in a size one. I've used the beautiful variegated blue Empire Yarn from Morris and Sons to make the butterflies. I really like this version of it - girly but different, using the gorgeous button from Sheepish by Sarah as well.

The second is of course the Milo Vest I was working on for Jack's birthday (The yarn is Choc-Caramel by Candy Apple Lane). I am so pleased with the result and I'll be making this knit again very soon. I've got 130 grams of this yarn left and so I think it will be enough to make a small version for MJ for his first birthday!
I also gave Ben his vest. This is one that is a modified Lorix. I was going to change the collar back to a Lorix collar but ran out of determination to undo the whole collar. However, it fits and is already in use! In real life it looks a bit better than the one laid out below. What more can you ask for!
Of course, once you've finished a few projects, that opens the door for more projects! As you can guess, my needles have not been idle. The Scrambled Egg Socks are well on their way and I'm feeling positive about finally getting something sock-shaped! However, that is a story for another day....

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