Sunday, 2 June 2013

Indulgence Scarfette Completed!

We've just had a very relaxing lunch outside in our back yard (despite the cold), eating roast potatoes, bratwurst and sauerkraut, all washed down by German beer to celebrate my lovely husband's birthday. This is in fact the first of such events as his birthday is not really until next week but as he has to be a bouncer at the school disco on the day of his birthday, it seemed appropriate to celebrate it early. He has just taken our boys out to work off the excess sugar and I have a moment to savour a cup of tea and sit down at my computer.

I promised you pictures of the finished Indulgence Scarfette in Bilby Yarns Handspun (Design is Paula's Scarfette by Georgie Hallam - a free Ravelry download!). These pictures were taken pre-blocking as the scarf is still drying out. The pre-blocking pictures show the scarfette as a bit narrower and denser than it is now, having had its soapy bath and been eased out on to the drying board. Altogether, I'm really happy with how it turned out.
I am very keen to wear this around at the moment - it is absolutely freezing! I'm half toying with the idea of making a little headband out of the leftover yarn to keep my ears warm as I walk around the neighbourhood before dinner.

 As I love blue and black, I think this will go with the majority of my wardrobe.

The only post blocking picture I have is shown below.
I'm about to cast on a new project, having completed the Camille Cardigan for a 15 month old grand-daughter last night. It is going to be a Milo vest (another Georgie Hallam design) for Jack, who turned six yesterday. Happy Birthday Jack! The beautiful Choc-Caramel hand-dyed yarn is from Candy Apple Lane. I'm so looking forward to knitting this up....

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