Thursday, 6 June 2013

Milo Vest Adventures

This week I have been totally monogamous in my knitting....a rather unusual and unnatural occurrence forced by a sense of urgency in getting this knit completed for Jack's birthday party. I have to say that the vest was developing beautifully and I was enjoying the ease with which we were progressing, the interesting variations in colour and the beauty of the braided cabling sneaking down the front.
However, last night a certain strain developed between the vest and I  - this could be entirely explained by the fact that I have been knitting it every possible moment for the last five days (already having to undo about 1.5 hours of work due to my negligence - not due to the pattern I hasten to add) but I think this was also accelerated by the fact that last night I ripped back and redo about 8 rows of knitting because I got the cabling wrong and realised that I would have to rip back again today.
Given the "froideur" that is developing between the vest and I, we will be taking a small break from each other tonight to see other knits. I'm sure we will both feel refreshed and in a better frame of mind to take up the race again.

In the meantime, perhaps it will be the butterflies for the Camille Cardigan or casting on something new tonight, say mittens or socks....why is it I'm feeling slightly guilty about this?


  1. Love the pooling! Pooling is always good for keeping me motivated when knitting because I can't wait to see how it works out on the next row.

    1. Totally agree Ganzetal. I really love the pooling on this vest. Unfortunately none of the pictures I take of it quite show the warmth of the colours but they do really make you think of marbled chocolate caramel fudge!